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01 December 2010 @ 01:41 pm
katekyo hitman reborn; byakuran/shouichi  
Title: Calm Your Nerves Now
Originally Written: December 1, 2010
Inspiration/Prompt: Alpha table; 1sentence
Genre: Romance, humor, angst
Rating: G to PG-16

Spoilers for the Future Arc

#01 - Comfort
There was something about the way that his fingers would pet his spine that forever caused the uneasy pain in Shouichi's stomach to be smoothed.

#02 - Kiss
When he beckons, his eyes swimming in their own self gratification, it is all Shouichi can do to lean in and silence that quiet mockery.

#03 - Soft
Byakuran had forever loved the way that innocence looked on him.

#04 - Pain
A subtle seduction could be found in the fashion that Byakuran would constantly pull on his red locks when he refused to busy himself with a kiss rather then his work.

#05 - Potatoes
He'd never forget the expression Shouichi pulled when he'd finally convinced him to munch on one of his marshmallows; conveniently leaving out the prank of the raw potato in the center.

#06 - Rain
Byakuran had hated the rain until the day that Shouichi had walked in, his presence drenched, ruffled and breathless, hair plastered down against his glasses.

#07 - Chocolate
"Chocolate is boring," had been the reply Byakuran had given when Shouichi had finally gathered up the courage to ask why he didn't prefer chocolate over marshmallows; "and I hate boring."

#08 - Happiness
Shouichi knew that the extent of which he kept Byakuran with his smile was small but it worked for him and that was all he really could have asked for.

#09 - Telephone
It was pretty much by the eleventh call that Shouichi was really starting to hate whatever idiot invented the video phone.

#10 - Ears
His pulse and attachment leaped to near breaking point the first time that Byakuran had chuckled so close to his ear.

#11 - Name
There was a distinct embarrassment whenever Byakuran would feather a kiss to his stomach, hoping to hear that familiar, testing name and Shouichi would finally stutter it out ... syllable ... by pathetic ... syllable.

#12 - Sensual
He`d never fully admit it but the moment that Byakuran had pinned him up against that wall and had claimed Shouichi`s everything as his own, well, he`d given it all up without so much as a look of protest.

#13 - Death
Even after everything he'd done, after all the lives he'd taken, after all the corruption that had long since become the blood that pulsed through his veins, he was still the only person who'd ever given Shouichi that second glance.

#14 - Sex
It was a constant power play between them when the air got hot and hushed; not the assumed battle of dominance but instead between how much Byakuran could live up to his words and by how long Shouichi could instigate those words into action.

#15 - Touch
There had been something about his naivety that had made Byakuran want to reach inside his very soul to find the puzzle pieces he was looking for.

#16 - Weakness
Shouichi had never known the man to have a moment of weakness or even so much as a chink in his armor which was probably why when news had finally reached him of his defeat, he'd almost forgotten who's side he was now on.

#17 - Tears
Neither of them had ever shed a damn tear over the betrayal; not out of stubbornness or hatred but because their relationship had never been so simple as to deserve such a plain reaction.

#18 - Speed
The concept of speed had no place in the developing link between their small fractions of time.

#19 - Wind
Sharing a kiss with him was like being kissed by the wind: one touch from him and he felt like his lungs were being filled with life all over again.

#20 - Freedom
As years passed on after returning to the present day, Shouichi grew to realize just how much he'd started to dislike freedom and how, just the slightest bit, he longed for the days when his wings had been kept clipped but loyal.

#21 - Life
Yes, it was true that Shouichi would have never given his entire conscious to the man but his life ... well, he'd have only ever needed to ask.

#22 - Jealousy
Shouichi had always assumed Byakuran to be the jealous man until he had ignored Shouichi one day, mid-sentence, in order to stare down a suspicious person.

#23 - Hands
He was pretty sure that if he had to narrow down his favorite physical part of Shouichi, it would have been those forever working hands.

#24 - Taste
There had been nothing quite like the bitter sweet taste that had lingered on his tongue when he realized Shouichi wasn't really just being rebellious.

#25 - Devotion
From day one, Byakuran had always known Shouichi would eventually scamper off but he'd never fully understand how it was that he'd made devotion look so easy.

#26 - Forever
"Forever is a really long time," had been Shouichi's reply to Byakuran's confession, "and I don't plan on living that long."

#27 - Blood
Splashes of colour would have never suited the white aura that surrounded him which made Shouichi thankful that the man never stepped out to do his own dirty work.

#28 - Sickness
He shouldn't have been so anxious about it, he'd made the just decision ... right?

#29 - Melody
Music was a big part of what helped Shouichi relax but lately it seemed as if every song revolved around them.

#30 - Star
Nothing ever shone as bright as when Shouichi would duck his head to cover up the flush Byakuran had just sketched there.

#31 - Home
Byakuran had long since thrown away the idea of belonging to a certain time, place or location but the first time he'd caught Shouichi passed out upon one of his couches, he couldn't help second guessing the idea of calling this place home.

#32 - Confusion
When Shouichi of the past had been slammed with the events of his unknown future, his knees had hit the cold sidewalk beneath him and even to this day, he couldn't have possibly explained why the sudden rush of grief had cause him to sob those gulps of air and regret.

#33 - Fear
It had taken a great deal of courage to choose the path of justice that Byakuran always knew he had and that Shouichi thought he'd always lacked.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
How inconvenient it was that the one time he was able to coax those words from Shouichi's lips, Mother Nature had interfered with her own source of silence; he should have seen that as a sign.

#35 - Bonds
It had been somewhere between the third or forth stolen glance that the chain links that tied their souls together became sealed with a simple 'Hello'.

#36 - Market
"Shouichi, you have to throw these out," his mother had said while holding up a small bag of familiar puffs from his bag; puffs that he never touched, never ate and could never seem to go anywhere without.

#37 - Technology
It had been four months since his fingers had so much as itched to press a key upon his dusty computer and every time he happened to glance over at it and catch his reflection in the monitor, he couldn't help thinking he never would.

#38 - Gift
"I wouldn't give this to just anyone," Byakuran spoke, placing a kiss to the finger that now fashioned the Mare ring; a quiet sadness soothing over his eyes when Shouichi whispered his promise to not let him down.

#39 - Smile
At times, Shouichi wondered if anybody else could perceive that Byakuran was never really as pleased as his smiling appearance always tried to play up.

#40 - Innocence
It had been the casual comment of 'You're going to break my heart one day' that had Shouichi now constantly searching Byakuran's vacant eyes for some sliver of sanity.

#41 - Completion
Despite every loving gesture, no matter how grand or small, neither of them could fully grasp the idea that - together - they had always been completely whole.

#42 - Clouds
'I shouldn`t be wasting my time with this...' Shouichi thought quietly just as Byakuran pointed out yet another rabbit shaped cumulus.

#43 - Sky
Shouichi was glad that he worked so far underground: he was afraid that if he let himself out, he`d wind up letting the sky swallow him whole.

#44 - Heaven
There were days that went by where Shouichi couldn`t help but wonder if Byakuran would believe him if he ever told him that the idea of heaven was scarier then he could ever be.

#45 - Hell
Hell was the day that Shouichi had said yes and Byakuran let him live to regret it.

#46 - Sun
The winged jewelry looked so foreign to his constantly working fingers that it never ceased to make him feel nervous about all the things it could possibly symbolize.

#47 - Moon
If Byakuran was the sky then Shouichi was easily the moon; that bit of under appreciated astronomical wonder the sky would look bare and menacing without.

#48 - Waves
During their final meal together, there had been something sad and lonely about the way Byakuran had outright laughed at Shouichi's confession of wanting to one day be able to go out and see the ocean.

#49 - Hair
Shouichi had never really cared much for his appearance until the day he had trusted Byakuran with a pair of barber scissors.

#50 - Supernova
The problem with allowing yourself to become encircled in Byakuran`s empty promises was that he was much like a supernova: once his time was finally up, you had no possible means of escape.


Thank you so much for reading through this.
Please review. Constructive criticism encouraged.
shannon_carlyle on December 2nd, 2010 01:25 am (UTC)
I can't pick a favorite. I tried, but...THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD. Shouichi felt very much IC here, same with Byakuran. These two just make me so sad all the time! I always want them to have a happy ending, but BYAKKUN IS CRAZY. So :(

This was awesome. Good job!

Emcy: love me ♬ come on get higherpetiteloutre on December 4th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
djkfhsdkjfsd thank youuu ♥ I pride myself on my characterization so I'm glad to see a first time reader to my work can recognize that! I wish they had a happy ending too but, hey, that's what fandom is for, haha!

Thank you so much for reviewing :3 I appreciate it!
(Deleted comment)
Emcy: snooze ♬ beating my heartpetiteloutre on December 4th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Wahh ;////; You're far too kind but thank you for being honest. I know I have room for improvement, haha.

Waves broke my heart to write, actually. I had a tough time wrapping up the entire scenario so people would read it and completely understand. I really enjoyed doing this challenge, though. I might have to do another sometime soon, haha.

Thank you for reviewiing ♥ I appreciate it!
turtlelikelemon: 10051 | Happy Together! :3turtlelikelemon on December 4th, 2010 06:47 am (UTC)

reading this just makes me wanna cry and sob endlessly... /sigh

it was a nice way to reminisce :)
Emcy: bffs ♬ hey soul sisterpetiteloutre on December 4th, 2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
I'm really glad you liked it! It was both fun and emotionally straining to write this, haha.

Thank you for taking the time to review it! :3
Ramen Lover: sebastianramen_lover30 on December 24th, 2010 06:08 pm (UTC)
wow, great fic! Byakuran/Shouichi is one of my favorite pairing in KHR. too bad their relationship is very complicated and angst :(
good job for not making them OOC ;)